Who's Behind Some Of Our Cooks? Part 2

Following on from Part 1 where we introduced Jack let us now provide some further insight into our next UK BBQ master.

Jim aka "Kamado Jim"



1st Grill

Outbook Cookdome 703 - this was my pride and joy for about 8 years!

Favourite Meat

Such a hard question to answer, Chicken has ridiculous versatility which means I cook it the most and in the most varying ways, but if it was one piece of meat it would have to be a dry aged rib of Beef.

Top 3 favourite cooks on the grill

Paella, Roast dinner (not just the meat) and Chicken Shawarma.

What's in the Shack?

A lot! I have the Bastard Kamado, a Pitboss Navigator Combo, a Jumbuck Rotisserie, weber Go Anywhere and Kadai Firebowl with accessories.

What do you prefer grilling or eating?!

Definitely the grilling. Don't get me wrong I love the eating side, but the planning, cooking and being outside with the BBQ are what I love. 


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