Who's Behind Some Of Our Cooks? Part 3

Following on from Part 2 where we introduced Jim let us now provide some further insight into our next UK BBQ master.

Rob aka "Four Seasons Barbecue"


1st Grill

1st grill I owned was a natural gas bbq in the 90’s. I don’t recall the brand it was from British Gas and a wedding gift. 

Favourite Meat

Beef, it’s so versatile and so many different muscles to learn how to cook.

Top 3 favourite cooks on the grill

Bavette steak tacos
Smoked Orange blossom chicken
Rib eye steak, I love a simple reverse grilled steak. I like to try different breeds of cattle to see which are the best flavour.

What's in the Shack?

Apart from a selection of bbqs the shack has Ethernet and WiFi, useful when I use the MEATER or doing lives on Instagram.
I also have a beer fridge, freezer and a Sonos.

What do you prefer grilling or eating?!

Grilling and see people enjoy what I have cooked.



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