Who's Behind Some Of Our Cooks? Part 1

Here at BBQ Land we collaborate with some great UK BBQ folk. They work with us to create content for all our channels so as to provide insight into grills, accessories and tips to help you up your BBQ game. Recently we asked them a few questions:

Jack from Jack's Meat Shack


1st Grill

Weber 47cm Kettle (which I still have)

Favourite Meat

Beef ribeye steaks

Top 3 favourite cooks on the grill

Reverse seared tomahawks, smash burgers and Smokey turkey!

What's in the Shack?

At the moment I have about 10 grills but I’m loving my Kamado Joes. The Big Joe 3 is an incredible grill and really intuitive to cook on.

What do you prefer grilling or eating?!

Grilling, as a bbq demo chef I love cooking for a crowd and showing people how they can maximise their bbqing at home. Sadly I never get to eat much at the demos haha.


Chicken Wings


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